Titus Andronicus - Mason Upton T AR 103 GTA: Kyle 4/1/2008...

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Mason Upton T AR 103 GTA: Kyle 4/1/2008 Response # 1: Titus Andronicus Titus Andronicus As I was walking into see Titus Andronicus , I did not know what I was going to expect to see. When I entered the theater the mood was already set with scary music, intimidating scenery, and even a head in the middle of the stage. The mood continued throughout the play. What I came to see was a gory, well directed, and well acted play. I did not expect to see what I did, and did not think I would feel as intensely about this play as I did. As I walked into the theatre, I noticed first how dimly lit and eerie the place was. I was seated on the upper level balcony that overlooked a thrust stage. I believed it to be a thrust stage because the audience was on three sides of it, but it also had a backstage area. There were also places for actors to enter within the audience, which is common for thrust stages. The stage started with two large doors with a ledge on top. Stairs came down from this top level and lead to a brick patio area. Along these stairs there was a place for blood to run down. Then there was a pentagon shaped area in front of the stage with sand and a head placed in a circle in the center of the sand. In the audience there were a few entranceways with animal statues on them. There was some kind of tribal music playing that probably portrayed what would be heard in the Roman days. I felt that being in the balcony and to the side of the stage was a little distracting. I had to lean forward in my seat to see over the railing in front of me and also felt detached from the
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Titus Andronicus - Mason Upton T AR 103 GTA: Kyle 4/1/2008...

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