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soc 101 paper

soc 101 paper - Upton 1 Mason Upton Sociology 101 Lorien...

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Upton, 1 Mason Upton 5/4/07 Sociology 101 Lorien Lake-Corral Crash into Me Racism has in many peoples minds have been removed from the main society of today. This statement could not be any more false. It is true that slavery has been abolished, and civil rights movements have come about, and we are all looking to be equal, but that doesn’t mean that we are. We all have stereotypes. It is the result of the way we think. Racial stereotyping happens every time we assume something about a person just because of color. Sometimes, we are subconsciously prejudice and racist; because that is the way we are brought up. It is very easy to notice the differences between every single person. Often this prejudice is so well subverted not even the possessor is aware of it until something like a serious accident brings emotions to a head. Throughout the class in sociology I thought race and ethnicity were the most interesting topics. I have always had a background of diverse friends and family from many different races and cultures. I love diversity, and what it brings to the world, but I still have those prejudgments about people just based on race. It is normal for everyone to have, and I learned that while listening to lecture in class. One movie that recently came to the theaters and deals with racism is Crash by Paul Haggis. Crash reveals the sad irony that one thing almost everybody shares in common is a sense of prejudice – whether it be race, sex, class, beauty, or even a severe aversion to an American accent. Haggis introduces sets of ethnically diverse characters, makes their worlds collide in some fashion, and then studies the chain reaction of anger, hatred and intolerance. Some characters are angry racists, others are subtle racists, some don’t know that they’re racist and still others are trying to be racist. Crash uses many interwoven characters and
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Upton, 2 subplots to reveal the range of people’s experiences of these ‘crashes’. Each scenario builds on the entire theme of race relations and prejudice. I want to look at the movie through a sociological lense and show how certain scenes and characters demonstrate some main theories of Sociology. One scene that stands out right away is in the beginning of the movie where Rick (Brendan Fraiser) and Jean (Sandra Bulluck) are walking back to their vehicle after dinner. Jean sees two black men and quickly holds onto Rick while they walk past each other. This shows a prejudice already that she is afraid of black people and she thinks they are criminals and thieves. She unfairly judges a race, and clearly exemplifies the meaning of prejudice. These two black
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soc 101 paper - Upton 1 Mason Upton Sociology 101 Lorien...

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