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NCS 310 Supplements

NCS 310 Supplements - Mason Upton NSC 310 Section 4...

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Mason Upton 9/30/07 NSC 310 Section 4 Pro-Supplementation It is vital for every person to get the proper vitamin and mineral intake, and have a balanced nutritious diet. A healthy diet leads to a healthier and better lifestyle. The problem with a nutritious diet is that it is very hard to achieve in the world we live in today. The foods are available but often very expensive. Fast food and junk food are widely advertised and are an easy alternative to healthy foods. Even a diet can’t prevent all diseases, and people still suffer everyday from an assortment of diseases. People suffer from many different kinds of health problems and have recently turned towards vitamin supplements to solve their problems. Some people swear that vitamin supplements are crucial to lead a healthy lifestyle, but other people still believe the best way to get all vitamin requirements is to eat a balanced variety of foods. This is sometimes not possible for certain people due to food allergies, diet choices (such as vegetarians), and also because of disease. The questions are still out there about the unregulated vitamin supplement industry, and whether supplements actually are helpful or potentially dangerous. Recommended vitamin intake levels can all be achieved through a balanced diet. This is true for a healthy, active, and financially stable person, but what about the rest of the world.
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