Thunderstorms - Thunderstorms caused by humidity unstable air uplift(front,surface heat convergence 3sizes ordinary(single cell monsoons

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Unformatted text preview: Thunderstorms: caused by humidity, unstable air, uplift(front,surface heat, convergence) 3sizes: ordinary(single cell, monsoons)/ multi-cell(in line or cluster) Supercell(powerful long lived)/ growth stage: uplift to condensation level Atom CUn, latent heat fuels growth, mix with dry air on top and edge causes cooling(entrainment), continued uplift needed, top freezes produces snow/rain Downdraft more intense with precip/ mature stage: downdraft and precip reach ground, thunder and lightin , top of cloud hits stable strato and anvils out, strong go up to 18k, cold downdrafts make gust fronts and push warm air up, lasts 30 min/ dissipate stage: gust front blow away leaves cold air, updrafts end, only downdrafts so precip still occurs 15-30 min/ strong wind shear=severe/ supercell: strong diverge cause strong updraft weak down, change in wind speed and direction shear to cause rotate, dry stable layer allows energy to build up at surface, moist warm air breaks through Lightning: pos and neg usually equal, ground gets large pos charge, and wants to get to neg charged cloud, pos...
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