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Comm 228 1:23:08

Comm 228 1:23:08 - Communications 228 1/23/8 Wednesday...

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Communications 228 1/23/8 Wednesday Intro to Communication Research: Slide Set 2 Research : process of asking a question and finding a systematic way of answering questions. Research Standards of Excellence - Systematic : when they approached a given reason or hypothesis did they have protocols. -hypothesis: more people watch violent t.v., more kids become violent. - Sound arguments: claim that is put forth that is then accompanied by further by reasoning. - Data driven : NOT is there a G-d? ask questions that are observable. - Reductive process : reality has many parts. Try and synthesize what we see to simplify what we see. Ex: don’t see individual students, sees comm. 228 class - Capable of Replication : should be able to come to the same conclusions as the first time by different researcher. - Partial : research can always be modified on by what other people discover. Be able to elaborate. Ex: kids aren’t effected by violent tv UNLESS they watch it without their parents. Why Study Research Methods? - Orderly thinking : learning logic that is shared by a lot of other people - Clear writing : imperative to researcher. You communicate clearly through communication. Learn to express your thoughts effectively.
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