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November 2, 2006 Intersexes (gender identity): Dylan- woman to man Sexual Orientation o Learning theories ( like behaviorism) o Genetic and neuroanatomis theories o Interactive theories Warrington’s canalization Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory o 8 stages of development Basic trust vs. mistrust (Oral stage) : Birth – 1 year old Autonomy vs. shame and doubt (Anal stage) : 1-3 years o Exercise ability to make choices Initiative vs. guilt (Phallic stage) : 3-6 years old o Make believe play Industry vs. inferiority (Latency stage) : 6-11 years old o Who is the best? What are you good at? Identity vs. Identity confusion (Genital stage) : adolescence o High school and middle school What group were you in? Jock, nerd, band geek…
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Unformatted text preview: Intimacy vs. isolation Young adulthood (College 20s) o 1 st time you got your heart broken Generativity vs. stagnation Middle adulthood o Getting job, perspective Integrity vs. despair Old age o Reflecting- lived good life o Fear of death Death and loss o Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Talked to dying people Gave us hospice o Proposed five stages of coping with loss 1- Shock, disbelief and denial No, its not true 2- Anger and sense of unjustice Its not fair 3-Bargining (with God or others) Test againPlease God. .. 4-Depression and the withdrawal Ok but not happy 5-Acceptance Ok...
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