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Chapter 2 - More statistically precision.Systematic random...

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Chapter 2 Sampling Process: diff types of sampling.. pg44-table Identifying population (characterists u looking for)- larger population – take a small portion and get the data. We need to draw representative sample of that population Draw the sample of your population 1.Random selection: everybody have a equal chance to be chosen Describe why ur population is different for others as a whole (PROJECT) 2.Sampling terminology: it can be difficult. Standard deviation- error (have to talk about them in your proposal) Sampling error – low sampling.. things that put study in risk of error pg33 3. Probability sampling/non probablity sampling – random selections Simple random sampling selection – every possible section has equal chance to be selected. Not the most statistically well proved. Depend in what u r looking at Stratified random sampling – representativies of subgroup. Big group –
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Unformatted text preview: .. More statistically precision. .Systematic random sampling- selec a frame and follow the rule. (numbers 123. . i want number 1 only) Cluster – dividing the groups in clusters (areas). Wide geographic area. . Multistage sampling – combination of sampling to create more effectiveness Not random 1.Nonprobability Sampling – not involved random selection Looking at a particular clinic. . you try to get inf about each client. .. You are 2.looking information just for the clinic not general population 3.Purpose sampling – be done quickly 4. Modal – 5. Expert sampling – people with known in a determinide area 6. Quoda sampling - 7. Heterogeneity – 8. Snowball – refferal people who you already deal with. If they know someone else with same thing . . they will get in the group. Upon referral from prior participants. Page 44...
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