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Notes Christianity 1 CHRISTIANITY: THE EARLY CHURCH -after jesus; death and reports of His resurrection, his disciples spread message of him as the “messiah”; disciples infused with the power of the holy spirit -early church is mostly a jewish group (at first); tensions between “judaizers” and “hellenizers” in this new Jesus movement 1. St. Paul -Saul/Paul a traditional Pharisaic Jew, opposed to the new Jesus movement -he has a (temporarily) blinding vision of Jesus, is baptized as a follower -a major transmitter of Jesus’ teaching to a non-Jewish world Pauline Theology -God’s rightiousness and love, and Jesus’ life and death as God’s plan for renewal of the world -Salvation from sin and death (started by Adam and Eve) -Jesus as the “Son of God”; the Christ (anointed by God) -Jesus as a “voluntary sacrifice” (the lamb of God), who redeems/atones for sins of all (not just Jews) -The church as the “body of Christ” -Importance of morality:faith/hope/love as fruits of the spirit that overcomes the influence of sin -Acceptance of Jesus brings right relationship to God (not simply keeping Jewish Law) Christianity:The New Testament-the core text of Christianity 1. the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
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Notes Christianity 2 -descriptions of the life and teachings of Jesus -Matthew, Mark, Luke as the synoptic (“together-see”) gospels -Mark as earliest (65-70CE), probably a source for Matthew and Luke -John (90-100CE) different from synoptic gospels; emphasis on Jesus as incarnation of God, the Logos (the Word of God). A mediation between God and the world 4. Revelation (100CE) 11/14/05 -visionary work describing the final victory of good over evil, end times, the
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Notes Christianity - Notes Christianity 1 CHRISTIANITY THE...

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