Christianity - Christianity Apocalypticism: The belief that...

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Christianity Apocalypticism: The belief that the world will soon come to an end; this belief usually includes the notion of a great battle, final judgment, and reward of the good. Apostle: one of Jesus’ 12 disciples; also, any preacher of Christianity. Baptism: The Christianity rite of initiation, involving immersion in water or sprinkling with water. Bible: The scriptures sacred to Christians, consisting of the books of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Bishop: “Overseer” a priest and church leader who is in charge of a large geographical area called a diocese. Canon: “Measure,” “rule” a list of authoritative books or documents. Ecumenism: Dialogue between Christian denominations Eucharist: “Good gift” The lord’s supper. Evangelical: Emphasizing the authority of scripture; an adjective used to identify certain Protestant groups. Evangelist: “Good news person” one of the four “authors” of the Gospels- Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Filioque: “And from the son”; a Latin word added to the creeds in the western church to state that the Holy Spirit arises from both father and son. The notion, which was not accepted by Orthodox Christianity, contributed to the separation between the Western and Eastern Churches. Gospel: “Good news” an account of the life of Jesus.
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Christianity - Christianity Apocalypticism: The belief that...

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