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SIE 467 Test 1 study guide - Chapter 1: Sample study...

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Chapter 1: Sample study questions What are the different types of work performed by engineering managers? Management – Plan, organize, lead, and control the efforts of self and others (THINKING), Technical – Specialized, non management work done by engineering managers if others cannot do it for them (DOING), Operating – Management and technical work that has been delegated to others (MONITORING and CONTROLLING) How do strategic and operational decisions differ? Strategic Decisions Setting direction by specifying the right things to do, done by high level engineering managers, Operational (Tactical) Decisions – specify way to implement a task/project/program, define how to do things correctly What are the four basic functions of engineering management? Planning (forecasting, setting objectives, action planning, administering policies, establishing procedure) , O rganizing (selecting organizational structure, delegating, establishing working relationship), Leading (deciding, communicating, motivating, selecting/developing people), Controlling (setting performance standards, evaluating/documenting/correcting performance) What challenges does the new millennium present to engineering managers? Rapidly changing technologies, Internet/communication, Globalization, Customer demand (marketplace changes), Business networks, fierce competition, Material constraints, Complex teams, Supply chain management, Global unrest Managers need to lead from many viewpoints. Describe these viewpoints and the importance of managers to consider these alternatives. Chapter 2: Sample study questions What is strategic planning? What is operational planning? How are they similar and how do they differ? Strategic - Define future activities which are worth doing by the unit/company to assure that the company applies its recourses (skilled manpower, time, money, physical resources -equipment, facilities, business relationships) effectively to achieve its short- term and long-term goals, Operational - Define tasks/events to be accomplished with the least amount of resources within the shortest time, to assure that the company applies its resources efficiently to achieve its short-term and long-term goals What questions does each type of planning attempt to answer? Company’s mission, vision, specific goals, Core technologies, Networking, Partnerships, Most efficient way to accomplish tasks, Operational Guidelines What is a product life cycle? How do the stages of the product life cycle affect planning? Initiation, growth, market saturation, and decline -- paying attention will guide for introducing new products or enhancements in timely manner What tools are available to assist with strategic planning? Market research, SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities threats),
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SIE 467 Test 1 study guide - Chapter 1: Sample study...

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