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Readings: The Managed Heart – Hoschield – done The House Rules – Sallaz – done McDonaldization – Ritzer – online – done Rambo Litigators – Pierce Social Structure of Managerial Work – pg 4076-418 – Jackall – done Workplace Inequality – Dubeck and Dunn – online – done Why Marcia You’ve Changed – Henson and Rogers The Second Shift – Hoschild – online Thirty Years of Making Out – Burawoy Hawthorne Effect – Mayo Key Concepts: Manufacturing - the use of tools and labor to make things for use or sale. "making out" – when operators attempt to achieve levels of production that earn incentive pay Service Industry – Post industrial society based on services… industry based in service work Skilled labor – work requiring extensive training and experience. Semi-skilled Labor – work requiring less than two weeks training. Unskilled Labor – work requiring little or no training. Service Work – Act provided in return for payment Emotional Labor – labor that requires you to hold a certain type of emotion Service Interaction – Interaction between customers and employees in the service industry
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McDonaldization – the process by which the principles of the fast food restaurants are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world Efficiency – The optimum method of completing a task. The rational determination of the best mod of production – no individuality. Calculability – Assessment of outcomes based on quantifiable, rather than subjective criteria. Quantity over quality. Predictability – The production process is organized to guarantee uniformity of product and standardized outcomes Control – The substitution of more predictable, non-human labor for human labor, either through automation or the deskilling of the workforce. Deskilling – Trying to make an employee similar to a machine, where they do not need to use any skills in the workplace. “Easy enough a monkey can do it”. McDonaldization is trying to deskill workers so they don’t have to think, and can easily perform the tasks. Rationalization – The process by which modes of precise calculation based on observation and reason increasingly dominate the social world Centralization – concentration of decision making in one place, often at top (government) Decentralization – any of various means of more widely distributing decision making to bring it closer to the point of service or action Professional Work - a high status, knowledge based occupation that is characterized by four attributes (Specialized knowledge, autonomy, authority and altruism). Managerial Work – Responsible for maintenance and growth of organization. Provides coordination and leadership Professionalization – process by which an occupational specialty seeks to emulate a profession by demonstrating the four hallmarks of a profession. (ex: alternative medicine) Deprofessionalization – Wage gap - term used to describe inequities in average pay or salary between socio-economic
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SOC 326 Exam 2 SG - Readings: The Managed Heart Hoschield...

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