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Unformatted text preview:Review Test - Tejumola Bakare - Google Chrome X mathxl.com/Student/PlayerTest.aspx?testResultid=802564019&back=/Student/Results.aspx%3 Fview%3DQuiz%26learningproduct%3DVL%26mode... MGT2381 311 Tejumola Bakare & | 01/29/20 11:41 AM Review Quiz: Chapter 8 Quiz Close Score: 1 of 1 pt 2 of 20 Test Score: 60%, 12 of 20 pts Question 8.8.3 Which of the following is a reason why training is needed for first-time supervisors and managers? A. Managers are now much younger than they were 10 years ago B. People are promoted for technical competence, but succeed in management based on people skills OC. The new manager will have to operate in a global environment O D. The literacy skills of employees may be very low Question is complete