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Exam 3 Answers - MSE 200-002 Test#3 Instructor Dr A...

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MSE 200-002 Test#3 Instructor: Dr. A. Gruverman ID Number ____________________________________________ This is a closed book test. No notes, books, or information stored in calculator memories may be used. Cheating will be punished severely. All of your work must be written on these pages and turned in. Be sure that you read and answer all parts of each question. Using a pencil, fill your answers on the scan sheet. After you complete the exam return the scan sheet AND your exam hard copy to the instructor. Section 1: (Questions 1 – 12) General multiple choice questions 1. As the carbon content in steel is increased there is also, in general, a/an a. increase the hardness of the alloy ( d ) b. decrease the ductility of the alloy c. increase the yield strength of the alloy d. all of the above 2. The steel microstructure that exhibits the highest hardness and lowest ductility is: 3. For a given alloy composition on a phase diagram, the solidus line indicates the temperature at which: a. the first nuclei of a solid phase appear upon cooling b. the material goes through a eutectoid reaction ( c ) c. the first nuclei of a liquid phase appear upon heating d. none of the above 4. Cored structure is a result of a. equilibrium cooling b. non-equilibrium cooling c. eutectic reaction (b) 5. A eutectoid reaction is best described as a transformation of
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6. Bainite
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