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Lee Family Values - Lee Family Values Value 1 Following...

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Lee Family Values: Value 1: Following Hmong custom that epilepsy is a blessing The Lee family believed that Lia’s epilepsy was a blessing because it would allow her to become a “ txiv neeb ” when she became an adult, which is a shaman. They didn’t see her disease as a curse like American doctors did; they thought it would allow her to gain access into the spiritual world that not everyone else was allowed into. Because of this, her family treated her like a princess every waking moment of her life and was given the privileges that her younger sister was supposed to have, rather than her. “But for traditional Hmong who have retained their animistic beliefs, epilepsy (qaug dab peg, literally translated as "the spirit catches you and you fall down," which became the title of my book) is caused by a malevolent spirit called a dab, who captures someone's soul and makes him or her sick. Epilepsy is recognized as a serious illness that can cause great suffering, but it is also seen as a distinguished affliction, since (as in many cultures) Hmong epileptics often grow up to become shamans. Their seizures are viewed as an altered state, a potential point of entry into the spiritual realm to which the rest of us are denied access.” Bibliography: Lammert , K (03/09/15). When epilepsy goes by another name. Retrieved 10/06/07, from http://www.epilepsy.com/articles/ar_1063680870.html In-text Citation: (Lammert, 2003) Value 2: Independence of Western medicine and ideas They have a holistic approach to healing, first the soul and then the flesh, thus their preference for their own medicines and healing practices rather than “western practices” because they believe that when the soul is not well, this sickness is manifested by physical ailments and that doctors only pay attention to what they can see whereas the txiv neeb pays attention to everything. The Lee’s felt that the doctors that they dealt with didn’t pay enough attention to the whole of the problem, that they only dealt with a fraction of it, which, according to the Lee family, is the reason that Lia never got better and why they would go to
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Lee Family Values - Lee Family Values Value 1 Following...

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