cells2 - II The Cell Basic Unit of Life A Cell or Plasma...

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II. The Cell- Basic Unit of Life A. Cell or Plasma membrane-found @ outer surface of cell 1. Structure i. Thickness-75 ancryms=3/10,000,000 ii. Fluid Mosaic 1. MEMBRANE MOVE iii. Backbone of cell membrane 1. Phospholipid Bilayer a. phosphoglycerides interspersed w/cholesterol iv. 1. integral proteins a. pass through phospholipids bilayer (transmembrane) b. part on inside and part on outside 2. peripheral proteins a. connects to integral protein b. only on one side of membrane v. Barrier between ECF and ICF a) controls permeability 1) pores/channels (tunnels) (passive transport and active transport processes) 2) gates - open and close according to substances to pass (Na+, K+, glucose, proteins - kidneys) Functions v. Outer boundary 1. delimits cell vi. cell integrity 1. maintains 2. keep intact vii. regulates cell permeability 1. viii. contains receptors 1. glycoproteins 2. react w/outside chemicals 3. promotes reactions inside cells ix. microvilli 1. increase surface area of plasma membrane 2. required for absorption of substances outside of cell 3. prominent in intestinal cell (nutrients absorbed) a. kidney cells-nutrients recovered so they aren’t lost from body B. Nucleus- control center of the cell (maintenance; life of cell; controls cell division) 1. Nuclear Envelope i. Double-membraned structure ii. Separates nucleus from cytoplasm iii. Pores between nucleus and cytoplasm
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1. they control movement of substances 2. outer layer produces endoplasmic recticulum 2. Nucleoplasm- fluid substance of the nucleus i. In nucleoplasm 1. water- suspends other substances 2. ions 3. RNA 4. proteins 5. chromatin material 3. Nucleolus i. Spherical structure ii. Place in cell where preribosomes are produced 1. migrate out of nucleus into cytoplasm and become ribosomes
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cells2 - II The Cell Basic Unit of Life A Cell or Plasma...

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