11-5-07 anatomy notes

11-5-07 anatomy notes - anatomy notes1.Muscular...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-5-07 anatomy notes1.Muscular Systema.General Cytology of Muscle Tissuesi.General Features1.elongation and force of contraction2.muscle cells that move during contraction become shorter in length and greater in diameter3.conversion of chemical energya.ATPcontractile force (mechanical energy)4.sarcolemma (plasma membrane-at outer surface of cell)a.can pass “action potentials” or nerve impulse or depolarization waveb.stimulates muscle cell to contract5.sarcoplasm-cytoplasm6.myofibrils-elongated cylinders; only in cardiac and skeletal musclea.made up of protein myofilamentsi.proteins are arranged so that they contractii.proteins are named:1.actin2.myosin3.troponin4.tropomyosin7.mitochondria-would expect them to be in muscle because they’re so activea.large size, highly numerousb.found in skeletal and cardiac muscleii.Specific Features1.Skeletal Muscle Cellsa.elongated cylindersb.cross-striated: display banding patternsc.1000 nuclei/cell-nuclei at peripheryi.under sarcolemmaii.called a syncytium...
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11-5-07 anatomy notes - anatomy notes1.Muscular...

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