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1-23-08 anatomy notes

1-23-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes 1 Organ Systems 2...

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1-23-08 anatomy notes 1. Organ Systems 2. Nervous System a. Membrane Potentials and Associated Phenomena i. Action Potential 1. Sequence of Events a. Axon at Resting Potential (-70mV) i. MUST be at resting potential b. Portion of axon must receive an adequate stimulus i. Heat, cold, electrical, mechanical, or chemical stimulus c. Increased Na Permeability i. Electrical shock given to one piece of axon causes increased Na permeability ii. Na moves ECF moves into ICF through special channels called Sodium Voltage Gated Channels iii. Enough Na enters axon, such that electric charge reverses d. Reversal of electrical charge—full depolarization resulting in action potential Action Potential 1. Adequate Stimulus 2. RP (-70mV) moves to threshold (-55mV) 3. -55mV more a. Na voltage gates open 4. 1-4 full a. depolarization b. -70 -30 (action potential) c. -70 -80: hyperpolarization e. Repolarization-follows depolarization i. At 30mV, Na voltage gates close ii. K voltage gates open 1. K moves from ICF ECF 2. Loss of K creates – charge in ICF a. pos. 30 -80mV
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