1-30-08 anatomy notes

1-30-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes1.Organ...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-30-08 anatomy notes1.Organ Systems2.Nervous Systemsa.CNSi.Brain1.Cerebruma.Physiological divisions of Cerebral Cortexi.Association Cortex-relates past experience to incoming current stimuli1.Premotor Cortex or Motor Cortex (frontal lobe)a.coordinates groups of skeletal muscle contractions2.Prefrontal Cortex (frontal lobe)a.reasoning, making judgments, emotional responses3.Visual Association Cortex (occipital lobe)4.Auditory Association Cortex (temporal lobe)5.Wernicke’s Areas (parietal and temporal lobe)-a.Allows interpretation of written and spoken word2.Basal Ganglia (cerebral or basal nuclei)-5; regions of gray mattera.3-deep in cerebrum: caudate nucleus, globus palidus, putamenb.2-found in mid-brain: subthalamic nucleus and substantia nigrai.Main function (common functions)1.Communicate w/ cerebrum2.Inhibitory effect on motor output from cerebral cortex3.Allow for even muscular contractionsa.Refine motor output to allow even & smooth muscle contractions3.Thalamus-inferior to corpus callosum and 3...
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1-30-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes1.Organ...

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