2-6-08 anatomy notes

2-6-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes1.Organ...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-6-08 anatomy notes1.Organ Systems2.Nervous Systema.Peripheral Nervous Systemi.Cranial Nerves1.Glossopharyngeal (IX)-mixeda.Sensory-taste buds on posterior 1/3 of tongue; sensations from throat & larynx; monitors blood pressureb.Motor-muscles for swallowing (throat muscles); muscles of vocal cords; secretion of some salivary glands2.Vagus (X)-mixed; longest cranial nerve in body: stretches from medulla into neck & abdomena.Sensory-monitors blood pressure; sensations from respiratory & digestive tracts to brainb.Motor-slows heart rate; secretions of gastric glands (stomach) and pancreas (digestive/enzymatic secretions)i.Stimulates peristalsis in digestive tract3.Spinal Accessory (XI)- motora.Muscles that move head and neck (skeletal)4.Hypoglossal (XII)-motora.Muscles of tongue for speech & swallowing (skeletal)ii.Spinal Nerves-31 paira.2-26: exit vertebral canal by way of intervertebral foraminaperipheral region or help form a plexusb.27-31: exit from sacral canals b/c they are found in the...
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2-6-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes1.Organ...

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