2-20-08 anatomy notes

2-20-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes1.Organ...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-20-08 anatomy notes1.Organ Systems2.Nervous Systemsa.Special Sensesi.Auditory & Equilibrium Senses-derived from auditory-vestibular apparatus (inner ear)1.External Eara.Pinna (auricle)-elastic cartilage which is covered by a VERY thin layer of skini.Directs sound waves to external auditory meatusb.Ear Lobe-adipose, connective tissues & blood tissuesi.Has no function to hearingc.External Auditory Meatus (external ear canal)i.Tube-like & connects external earmiddle ear1.end covered by ear drum (tympanum or tympanic membrane)2.Middle Ear-a space that contains aira.Ear Ossicles-small bones (their function is strictly sensory)i.Malleus(hammer)-connects to eardrum & articulates w/the incusii.Incus(anvil)-articulates with the stapesiii.Stapes(stirrup)-connects to oval window membrane bone that rests on a membraneb.Openingsi.External Auditory Meatus (tympanum)1.Bound ext. & middle ears)ii.Oval & Round Windows1.Between inner and middle ears2.Both covered by membranesiii.Mastoid Sinuses (cells)-part of temporal bone...
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2-20-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes1.Organ...

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