2-29-08 anatomy notes

2-29-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes 1.Circulatory...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-29-08 anatomy notes 1.Circulatory Systema.Cardiovascular Systemi.Electrocardiogram (EKG)1.Valve-diagnostic tool for detecting abnormalities related to HR and conduction of action potentials through the hearta.Normal HR: 70-80 beats/minuteb.Arrhythmias-any variations in rhythm of the hearti.Alterations in SA Node Activity1.Bradychardia-decreased heart rate<60 beats/minutea.Occurrencei.Trained athletes at restii.Sleep (increased vagal stimulation to heart)iii.Untreated myxedema (form of hypothyroidism)iv.Excessive use of beta blockers: drugs that affect the SA Node2.Tachycardia-increased heart rate>100 beats/minutea.Occurrencei.Exercise-NORMALii.Hypotension (low bp)-heart increases rate beats/minute to bring bp back to normal leveliii.Hemorrhagic Anemia-loss of blood and lack of oxygenationiv.High fever due to infection-incr. body temp and temp of SA Nodev.Anti-cholingeric Drugs-an excess causes heart rate to speed upvi.Adrenergic Drugs-increase HR by speeding up activity of SA Nodevii.Caffeine and Nicotine-excessive use increases HR; 1 cigarette can put a person into tachycardiaii.Ectopic Foci (small hypercitable regions of atria or ventricles that become abnormal pacemakers1.Causesa.Excessive use of caffeine and nicotine...
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2-29-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes 1.Circulatory...

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