3-3-08 anatomy notes

3-3-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes1.Circulatory...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-1-08 anatomy notes1.Circulatory Systema.Cardiac Physiologyi.Blood Vessels1.General Structurea.Tunica Adventitia (externa)-white fibrous connective tissue (outermost layer)b.Tunica Media-smooth muscle only (middle layer)c.Tunica Intima-endothelium (innermost layer; a single cell layer which is very smooth to help prevent cardiovascular blood clots)2.Typesa.Elastic Arterioles-aorta, brachiocephalic, common carotids, subclavian, common iliacs, pulmonary trunk & arteries-contain elastic connective tissue in wallsb.Muscular Arteries-external & internal carotids, axillary, brachial, subscapular, radial, ulnar, external & internal iliacs, femoral & deep femoralc.Arterioles-diameter smaller than muscular arteries; have a tunica media and can be present as smooth muscle (separate rings and amount present is reduced compared to arteries)d.Metarterioles-directly connect arterioles to venulese.Capillaries-microscopic; NO tunica adventitia or tunica media present; single layer of endothelial cells (tunica intima)1.Form from arteriolesii.Continuous-MOST commoniii.Discontinuous/fenestrated-have small openings in...
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3-3-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes1.Circulatory...

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