3-5-08 anatomy notes

3-5-08 anatomy notes - 3/5/08 I. Circulatory System D....

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3/5/08 I. Circulatory System D. Cardiac Physiology 2. Blood Vessels f. Regulation of Arterial Blood Pressure 1) MAP or BP= CO x PR (peripheral resistance) a) INCREASE CO then INCR MAP b) INCREASE PR then INCR MAP 2) Main Factors Determining PR a) Viscosity of Blood (thickness of blood) 1] If High- PR high, low water content 2] If Low- PR low, high water content b) Diameter of Arterioles 1] Control Center- Vasomotor Center (VM) - in medulla oblongata 2] Vasomotor Tone VM Center Sends out Few but Continuous Nerve Impulses over Sympathetic Nerves to Arteriolar Smooth Muscle contraction Maintains Slight State of Vasoconstriction- makes vasomotor tone 3] INCR Output of VM Center Above Normal Produces INCR Vasoconstriction- diameter smaller 4] DECR Output of VM Center Below Normal Produces Vasodilation- diameter increases 5] Vasoconstriction INCR Peripheral Resistance Vasodilation DECR Peripheral Resistance 3) Regulatory Mechanisms Related to PR a) Vasomotor Baroreflex 1] Baroreceptors (Pressoreceptors) Located in Carotid Sinus and Aortic Arch - bulge at base of the split to internal/ external carotid arteries is Carotid Sinus
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3-5-08 anatomy notes - 3/5/08 I. Circulatory System D....

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