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2-25-08 anatomy notes

2-25-08 anatomy notes - anatomy notes 1 Circulatory System...

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2-25-08 anatomy notes 1. Circulatory System a. Cardiovascular System i. Heart Structure 1. Chambers (4) a. Upper Chambers (L&R atria) i. Thin-walled-open into respective lower chambers (L&R ventricles) ii. L&R atrio-ventricular orifices-openings located between upper & lower chambers iii. Right atrium-connected to inferior and superior vena cavae 1. Tricuspid Valve located in R. Atroventricular Orifice (composed of 3 flaps of tissue made of endocardium[inner layer of heart]) iv. Left Atrium-connected to 4 pulmonary veins (2 from each lung) 1. Bicuspid Valve (or mitral valve) located in left atrioventricular orifice made of 2 flaps of tissue derived from endocardium of heart 2. Lower Chambers (L&R ventricles)-thick-walled; highly muscular; do most of the pumping action of the heart a. Separated by interventricular septum (or sulcus) location of coronary arteries/veins in groove b. Papillary muscles extend out of the ventricles & are connected to chordae tendinae which in turn connect to either the bicuspid or tricuspid valve c.
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