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Vocabulary list for Bio 1B: Ecology Test your knowledge of ecology by seeing how many of these words you can define. If you don’t know a word, look it up in the textbook index or look for it in the webcast caption search. Words in [brackets] were not emphasized in class but might still be helpful to know. Words in italics are meant to clarify a term that is context-dependent. Abiotic factors Age structure Altruism Ames test Autecology Autotrophic Batesian mimicry Biomass [Biome] Biotic factors Cage effect Carrying capacity (K) Climax community Clumped distribution Coevolution Collectors ( stream ecology ) Commensalism Community Competition Competitive exclusion hypothesis Confounding variables Control ( in experiments ) Demography Density-dependent Density-independent Disturbance Dominant species Ecology Ecosystem Edge effect Exclusion experiment Exponential growth Facilitation ( succession ) [Food chain] [Food web] Fundamental niche Generation time
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Unformatted text preview: Grazers ( stream ecology ) Gross primary productivity Habitat Herbivore Heterotrophic Inhibition ( succession ) Intermediate disturbance hypothesis Interspecific competition Intraspecific competition Iteroparous Keystone species K-selected Light box / dark box Limiting resource Logistic growth Mesocosm Mullerian mimicry Mutualism Net reproductive rate ( r ) Niche Net primary productivity Parasitism Population Predation Predator Prey Primary succession Productivity Random distribution Realized niche River continuum concept r-selected Secondary compounds Secondary productivity Secondary succession Semelparous Sex ratio Shredders (stream ecology) Species diversity Species evenness Species richness Species-area curve Succession Supplementation experiment Survivorship table Symbiosis Tolerance ( succession ) Trophic level Uniform distribution Section 120 May 11, 2005...
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