MT1-Vocab-plants - Vocabulary list for Bio 1B Plants Sections 105 and 106 Test your knowledge of plants and fungi by seeing how many of these words

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Vocabulary list for Bio 1B: Plants Test your knowledge of plants and fungi by seeing how many of these words you can define. ( Italicized words indicate topics that will be covered on the final but not on the midterm.) If you don’t know a word, look it up in the textbook index or glossary. Any of these words could appear on an exam! abscisic acid abscission amyloplast angiosperm annual ring anther antheridium apical dominance apical meristem apoplast archegonium auxin axil axillary bud bark blade bryophyte bud primordia callus calyx carpel Casparian strip chitin chloroplast collenchyma companion cell conifer cork cork cambium corolla cortex cotyledon cuticle cytokinin determinate axis dicot diffusion dikaryotic diploid dormancy egg embryo embryo sac endodermis endosperm epicotyl epidermis ethylene eudicot eukaryotic fertilization fiber Fibonacci series filament flagella floragen fruit gamete gametophyte gibberellin gravotropism guard cells gymnosperm haploid hydrogen bond hyphae hypocotyl
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