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notes - INDV 103 Psychology Notes Page 559 attractiveness...

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INDV 103- Psychology Notes Page 559- attractiveness Page 532- foot in the door phenomenon Page 537- conformity Page 426, 432, 448,451 Syllabus Questions: Instructor: Dr. Delaney My TA: Megan Roberts Experiment credits required: 10, if you don’t you get an I (incomplete) 1 report is required from the experiments; 2 sheets are provided for 40 points If you miss an exam you can either take it early or you can miss it with documentation of an emergency Cheating results in failing grade The rat/man experiment Lecture 1: Social psychology- the scientific study of how we think about, influence, and relate to one another. -how do we act differently around other people -we adjust our behavior or even our thinking to get along with others around us Conformity - adjusting our behavior or thinking to coincide with a group standard Solomon Asch- experiment with groups of people who conform to certain decisions In conformity experiment: 6 factors to affect outcome (normative vs. social) - people are more likely to conform if they feel insecure - if there at least 3 people you increase conformity - if the group is unanimous - if the subject admires people in the group - if others see us respond - if we have not made a commitment to a different response Why do we conform? -the group might be right (important to consider others views) - the consequences are unpleasant and can even be dangerous Example of stringent conformity rules is our gender roles. Being a man affects behavior, social pressures encourage conformity. Normative social influence: we are sensitive to societal norms, understood rules accepted and expected behavior Informational social influence: when we accept others opinions about reality Obedience : the degree to which one complies with commands Milgram- studied obedience in a shocking experiment Teacher and learner- teacher shocked learner if wrong- when error was made increase strength of shock. More than 60% complied till point of death
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Obedience is highest when (power of roles): -person giving orders is close by
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