NELC presentation - -economic prosperity by giving rights...

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Justin Renfro Speech Outline for Presentation “Feminism, Class, and Islam in Turn of the Century Egypt” Background: -transformation- before and after -change in power -what article focuses on (European influence, harb and amin) Western Influence: -Pre-rule and traditional belief -european industrial revolution -shift in power -colonization in africa -affect on social order in africa -affect on economic order in africa -how this may have affected underprivlidged groups like women Western influence on women: -struggle in new and old values -european values regarding women -males reaction to European views -beliefs of pro-emancipation thinkers Class distinctions: -old order - New order - Upper and middle class (bourgeoisie) -Lower class Amin: -rank in society, background -books he wrote -fundamental values focused on in books he wrote -focus on science -womans (and society) social cycle
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Unformatted text preview: -economic prosperity by giving rights to women-views of upper class in Africa and Europe-seclusion of women hurts economic structure-social Darwinist views-education of women- what it encompassed-how society changed because of his views Harb:-books against harb-background- old order, different beliefs-specific views on womens role in society-views on what Amin preached-importance of society and holding ancient traditions as truth-views on education of women-chastisement of new order-view of society as a result of new order Relation to our Class-differing views of women in our society vs. other societies -important values seen in new order and old order-how islam can be interpreted differently, and how no one perspective is correct.-how we can better understand conflicting views and how they relate to our views as Westerners....
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NELC presentation - -economic prosperity by giving rights...

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