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lyrical analysis final - "Lost One's by Jay-Z A common...

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“Lost One’s” by Jay-Z A common fallacy of rappers is that their appearance is who they are. Rappers are believed to be insensitive because of their numerous sexual references to women and their vulgar language; however, rap artist Jay-Z is a perfect contradiction to this common belief. After analyzing Jay-Z’s “Lost Ones,” I believe that the connotations and tone behind his rap lyrics show true emotion through self-development, give insight into the complexity of rap, and shows how fame can dismantle a relationship between loved ones. The song “Lost One’s” is in essence a story of the life of a rapper and owner of Rocafella records, Jay-Z. He begins by reminiscing about the start of his career and how fame destroyed his friendships. He explains the severity of fame by alluding to drugs: “Except that fame is/ The worst drug known to man/ It's stronger than, Heroin” (20-22). Although he put his friends first over his career, all his friends had in mind was their greed. He goes on to say that because of this they “parted ways,” and returned to the streets, while Jay-Z came out a champion. Through word choice and tone, the first stanza portrays an adolescent Jay-Z. While explaining his rocky start, profanity and rough language is used to show his anger and his age. Slang terms such as “muthafuckas” and “Niggas imply his young state of mind in which only these words can truly express how he really feels (3, 5). This attitude is also supported by the tone. As you listen to
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lyrical analysis final - "Lost One's by Jay-Z A common...

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