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Colby Merchant Mr. Shane Bruce English 1101 January 28, 2006 The Business Side to College Athletics To: University President and Trustees; NCAA Directors It is estimated that the NCAA’s economic input is 1.1 billion dollars annually. Of that input, 100 percent came from the performances of student athletes. Zero percent of those student athletes received a check from the NCAA, or even a thank you card for their work. Television agencies, magazines, clothing brands, the NCAA, along with university and colleges themselves are making vast amount of money while the true workers receive nothing. The scholarship money given to some student athletes and the revenues made by them is much like getting Manhattan Island for a chest of beads. It does not add up. Furthermore many are not earning their degrees but instead are opting out of college for the chance of being paid. Student athletes should be given just compensation with regard of the income they are bringing others through their work. Sixty-four teams competed in thirty two bowl games this 2006 NCAA bowl season. They were held in 14 different states in the U.S. and one in Canada. The payouts for the bowl games ranged from $325,000 up to $17 million dollars. The total amount paid out was above $180 million dollars (Desert Morning News). The South Eastern Conference (SEC) and the Big 10 conference each had two teams playing in two of the five Bowl Championship Series. With the performance of those teams, each made a cool $34 million dollars (Desert Morning News). That means that each conference made roughly $566,666.67 per minute of football that the players played. Assuming that each team had 11 players start offense, 11 players start defense, and a whole different 11
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ColbyMerchant[1] - Colby Merchant Mr. Shane Bruce English...

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