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The Seventy-Two Living Divine Names of the Most High Instructions for Using the 72 Names of God First, sit in a comfortable chair with your palms up in a dark room in front of your computer. Then get into a meditative zone and quiet your mind, gently pushing out any extraneous thoughts. Begin to do slow rhythmic breathing and focus on your third eye...Think of this as a computer software program for the evolution of your soul. You are about to utilize a powerful code to access very specific energies for soul correction and transformation. Begin by studying the chart of the 72 Names of God to see what aspects of your life are in need of a spiritual boost.If you are spiritual attuned, you will automatically resonate with a particular name and meaning that your soul knows is for your highest good and needs immediate attending to. After you have identified which name you wish to meditate on, click with your computer mouse until the box expands to reveal a larger version of the holy name and spiritual intention you have chosen to meditate on. To further facilitate your meditation, you may opt to add a selection of soothing trance music or nature sounds by clicking on one of the selections provided in the audio player below the expanded box...or ignore it and do the meditation in silence. 1. Ask permission of the Light to use the holy Hebrew letters for your meditative purpose. Since God created the worlds with these letters they are holy and belong to him. 2. Be humble but direct as you state your intention. Call upon the Lightforce of God for what you specifically wish to accomplish through this meditation. For example, if the purpose is to
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