Once every four years

Once every four years - Once every four years people age 18...

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Once every four years, people age 18 and up trek to the closest polling location and vote for whom they believe to be the best candidate for President. Furthermore, every four years, there is a new campaign to try to get people excited about politics and voting. The campaign is usually directed at mostly the young vote (ages 18-29). This is a just attempt at trying to get young people to care to vote considering only 47% of all people ages 18-24 voted (Civic Youth). A major problem with these voting campaigns is that they pop up a couple of months before the presidential election and then they disappear. This is as if there is only one election, every four years that has meaning. As a member of the 18-24 group, I understand the apathy towards voting and politics in general. The main complaint is that one vote does not mean anything among millions of votes and in way is true. However that one vote is the voice of a voter saying he/she cares about his/her future, and what affects one’s future more then what is going on right around them. To spell it out, I am talking about local governments. Young people have to start becoming more civically aware and caring about local governments because these things are directly influencing their lives. One of the larger elections that needs a better turnout is the Midterm elections. During the Midterm elections, offices up for election are seats at the House of Representatives, a third of the Senate seats, and 36 governorships; Essentially the lawmakers of our country. The center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (Circle) estimated that around 22% to 24% of people ages 18-29 (Ages
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Once every four years - Once every four years people age 18...

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