February 20 Race Ethniciy

February 20 Race Ethniciy - D Explanations for Why...

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February 20, 2008 D. Explanations for Why Race/Ethnicity and Social Class are Intertwined ** Billingsley says- Pyramid: small upper class; majority of population falls toward the bottom. African American. 1. Many Recent Hispanic Immigrants= Poor Larger percentage starting out poor. Education- not many with degrees. 2. Civil Rights Movement only 35 years ago; Cycle of Poverty 3. Discrimination and Inequality Still Exist Economy/marketplace: differences in pay for the same work A lot can be explained by education, lack of experience. Still 9 % gap that most people attribute to some form of discrimination. Esp. criminal justice class. Criminal Justice System: blacks more likely to be pulled over for speeding, if a white has been a victim, suspect 11 ½ more times to be convicted; Harsher punishments across the board. More surveillance on “ghetto” neighborhoods than suburbia. III. Non-Hispanic White Families A. Non-Hispanic Whites as European Americans In terms of heritage, most have European heritage. Different waves.
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February 20 Race Ethniciy - D Explanations for Why...

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