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Project Two Comparison/Contrast Worksheet Directions:  First look over your Rhetorical Elements Worksheet and decide what 4-6 elements you will  focus on in your Formal Essay. List those elements in the outline below (add more Roman Numerals if  you have more than four main points) in a logical order (this order may change later, but it will serve to  get you started). Then, fill in the similarities and differences you found within the articles for each of the  elements you will discuss in your essay. Be sure to fill in specifics and quotes, this way you may turn each 
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Unformatted text preview: row into a paragraph for your essay. It might be helpful to write a topic sentence for the paragraph in the first column (under Element Examined). The more you fill in this worksheet, the easier it will be to write your paper. Informal Outline: I. Introduction a. Thesis: II. Element One: III. Element Two: IV. Element Three: V. Element Four: VI. Conclusion (You can leave this blank for now) Element Examined (Topic Sentence/Main Point) Similarities Differences...
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