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Exam Notes 2.2 - Self-Disclosure Self-disclosure in...

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Self-Disclosure - Self-disclosure in relationships is a result of trust. - Men report that they self disclose more when they perceive relationship stability. - Women see self disclosure as related to intimacy and may disclose to increase intimacy. - Too much inappropriate disclosure can result in relationship dissolution. Reciprocity - Reciprocity refers to the process whereby one person's openness leads to another's openness - Norm of Reciprocity is the felt social obligation to self disclosure to the breadth and depth when someone self discloses to us. Stages of the Social Penetration Process - Orientation: Revealing bits of ourselves to others - Exploratory Affective Exchange: Emergence of an individual's personality - Affective Exchange: Spontaneous communication; use of personal idioms - Stable Exchange: Efficient communication; establishment of a personal system of communication Stage 1: Orientation - Reveals small parts of ourselves - Public level - Communication is superficial - Norms of appropriateness are followed Stage 2: Exploratory Affective Exchange - Aspects of one's personality emerge - Some private aspects become public - More spontaneous communication - More nonverbal communication - Common with casual acquaintances Stage 3: Affective Exchange - Spontaneous and comfortable communication - Individuals make quick decisions about communication - Personal idioms used: http://youtube.com/watch?v=JSw63r1lrP4 - Positive and negative exchanges are possible - Common between close friends and intimate partners - http://youtube.com/watch?v=BJXvdKSczkY Central Concepts TOTALITY
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- People in relationships are interdependent. - Social and cultural contexts affect the relational process.
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Exam Notes 2.2 - Self-Disclosure Self-disclosure in...

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