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COM 230: Communication Theory Study Guide Exam 1 The format of the exam is multiple choice, matching, and true/false questions. Please bring a pencil to the exam. Additional lecture concepts are included underneath their corresponding chapter headings. Only topics on this review guide will be included on the exam. Chp. 1—What is Communication Definition Definition components Communication models Field of experience Feedback Noise Communication misperceptions Chp. 2—Framing our Past Contexts of Communication (7) Chp. 3-4—Thinking about Theory, Understanding Research Process Definition of Theory, plus features and attributes (3) Components of Theory Goals of Theory Theoretical Perspectives (2) and what differentiates them Induction vs. Deduction Criteria for Evaluating Communication Theory Criteria for Objectivist vs. Subjectivist Theory Chp. 5—Symbolic Interaction Theory Basic Themes and Assumptions Self concept and its components Looking glass self Pygmalion Self “I” (see text)
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