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Will Hare October 3, 2007 SOC210-010 A Tale of Two Counties Upon being asked to choose two counties to do a report on, I immediately knew which two I would choose. First and foremost, I chose to report on Wake County. I selected Wake County because obviously I live in Wake County, but also because it is considered by many people to be the current hub of economic growth in North Carolina, containing both the state’s capital, Research Triangle Park, and wealthy areas such as Cary and Wakefield. The second county I chose to research was Union County, a small, rural county outside of Charlotte. My reasons for selecting Union County were much different than those for Wake County. Union County is where all of my mother’s family lives, so I have been there many times. Also, Union County’s economy relies heavily on agriculture, something you may not see a lot of in Wake County. The third and final reason I picked Union County is because it is close to the South Carolina border, meaning they get more traveling traffic than Wake County, and I wanted to research that. One of the first things I noticed upon analyzing the data collected from the U.S. Census Bureau was the harsh contrast in how many people who were born in North Carolina (and America) were located in each county. I found this interesting because in Union County, 61% of the population is a North Carolina resident, and another 33% were born in a different state, giving a grand total of 94% of the county’s residents being born in America. However, Wake County’s numbers looked a bit different. Only 47% of Wake County residents were born in North Carolina, and only 42% of its residents were born in
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CountyInvestigationWillHare - Will Hare October 3, 2007...

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