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Lucy Josephine Potter in Lucy A Novel by Jamaica Kincaid is a young woman from the West Indies. She travels to America and begins working as an au pair for a wealthy family. She is our protagonist and faces difficulties of living in an upper class home, problems with men, her attempt to be sexually free, and issues with how she is becoming her mother. This novel is about Lucy’s struggle with her identity and what that means for becoming herself. This novel is written from the mind of Lucy. Her character is written incredibly detailed with what she sees, how she feels, and is extremely introspective. The first few chapters we see Lucy progress in maturity and see her thoughts, emotions, and life realizations develop. She says, “It would never have occurred to her that I had sized her up immediately, that I viewed her as a cliché, a something not to be, a something to rise above, a something I was very familiar with: a woman in love with another woman's
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