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Fight Club - Will Hare 4 February 2007 Miss Lyczkowski AP...

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Will Hare 4 February 2007 Miss Lyczkowski AP Psychology I Am Jack’s Medulla Oblongata On the surface, Fight Club may appear to be a movie about a group of people who fight each other for fun. However, aside from the “fight club” being displayed at select parts, the film deviates from the story of the “fight club” and becomes the journey of one man trying to find himself in today’s muddled world. The main character is never given a real name throughout the movie. We simply know him as the narrator. The movie begins with the narrator basically becoming numb to everything around him. His job, his cluttered apartment, and his social life – all of it is surreal in his mind. The narrator has become a product of a consumerism. In one particular scene, he asks while perusing a catalogue: “What dining set defines me as a person?” It is weird that the narrator is not asking what traits and qualities define him, but rather what product. The narrator also gets through his sleeping problems by visiting various support groups for terminal disease patients and crying with them, though he himself has no terminal disease. It becomes his addiction. The movie’s plot starts to pick up when the narrator meets Tyler Durden, a traveling soap salesman with strange ideals. Tyler and the narrator have a short conversation on a flight back to their home city. Upon arriving home, however, the narrator finds that his apartment full of image-defining furniture and accessories has been
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Fight Club - Will Hare 4 February 2007 Miss Lyczkowski AP...

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