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Will Hare COM231-009 September 18, 2007 Generating Speech Topics Object Speeches (5): 1. Xbox 360 2. 35mm Film 3. Movie Projectors 4. Cars 5. iPods Event Speeches (5): 1. September 11, 2001 2. Holocaust 3. My Birth 4. Vietnam War 5. Moving Out of Home Concept/Definiton Speeches (5): 1. What is a Libertarian? 2. What a Christian fundamentally believes? 3. The true definition of “Christian music” 4. Democracy 5. Big Bang Theory Persuasive Speeches (5): 1. Why America shouldn’t be in Iraq
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Why Republicans today aren’t true Republicans 3. Why abortion is wrong 4. Why the death penalty is wrong 5. Why Pulp Fiction is the greatest movie of all time How To/Process Speeches (5): 1. How to write a script and get it published 2. The correct way to stage a shot for a movie 3. How to get involved with your local government 4. The correct way to study 5. How to edit a movie...
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