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Will Hare COM120-015 Professor O’Malley A Johari Window to My Soul In order to correctly assess my personality profile via the Johari Window, I asked fifteen of my closest friends to fill out a survey about me. They were asked to pick five or six characteristics that described me. Before seeing the results of the survey, I would have said that my blind pane would have been the smallest and my hidden pane would have been the largest; yet now, after talking with some of those friends who took the survey, it would appear that I was grossly incorrect! In the following paragraphs, I will explore each of the four panes of the Johari Window in how it relates to me and who I truly am. The smallest window for me, surprisingly, is the unknown pane. Before getting the test results and examining them, I had hypothesized that my unknown pane would be very large because I do not share a lot of things about myself and I also do not know a lot about myself. However, it seems as if all the things I would have taken to be “unknown” are actually “blind” because I seem to be the only person who does not know it! For example, I consider myself to be moderately smart but not intelligent. However, an overwhelming sixty-six percent of the people I polled listed “intelligent” as one of my top five characteristics. But the things for me that are unknown are the things that only the future holds – things like how good of a parent I will be, what my career will be, where I will work, what kind of car I will drive, what kind of political views I will have, what kind of woman I will end up marrying, and the list goes on and
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course COM 120 taught by Professor O'malley during the Fall '07 term at Wake Tech.

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johari - Will Hare COM120-015 Professor O'Malley A Johari...

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