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Will Hare September 10, 2007 SOC-210-010 Professor McLoughlin How the West Was Won Recently tasked with taking research for a field observation, I chose an area with which I am very comfortable: the movie theater. As both a movie enthusiast and a film screening facilitator, I have spent ample time at movie theaters around the Raleigh area, so I felt it was best for me to choose this as my environment. I went to go see a western film titled “3:10 to Yuma”. My hypothesis for the film was that based on the genre of the film, the audience would be a majority Caucasians and there would be few minorities there. I arrived at the movie half an hour before show time, and I sat in the third row of the theater so I could see when everybody arrived. As the people began to arrive, I kept a tally of age group, gender, and race on my chart. Gender and race are apparent, however the age group was based on my guesses, and thus is open to error. However, based upon the people that were already in the theater when I arrived and the flood of people that entered all at once, I cannot be sure I obtained one hundred percent accurate data and it is likely I missed ten to twenty people. This research also only accounts for the prime showing on opening night of the film, so the statistics could have changed the second or third nights of the film. As I hypothesized, the ratio of Caucasians to African-Americans was roughly 7:1.
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SOC210HW1 - Will Hare September 10, 2007 SOC-210-010...

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