SOC210HW2 - Will Hare October 10, 2007 SOC-210-010...

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Will Hare October 10, 2007 SOC-210-010 Professor McLoughlin Dinner, Deviance, and Distractions For these observations, I went to the social playground of today’s society – the shopping mall. At Triangle Town Center, no matter what time of day it may be, you can find a wide variety of people gallivanting around either searching out the newest item of clothing, gadgetry, or perhaps they are just strolling around the mall enjoying each other’s company. On Saturday, October 6 however, I chose to situate myself in the part of the mall that sees the heaviest traffic – the food court. I could see the main entrance and exit of the mall, as well as a clear view of all the restaurants and tables in the food court area. I really did not have any expectations going into this field observation; therefore I have no surprises to report. My last field observation had a set purpose – this field observation was simply to observe, and I quite enjoyed it. The first thing I noticed was that there was only one family there, comprised of a mother and father in their late forties or early fifties, and they had an early-teenager daughter who was wearing rather plain and unattractive clothing for a girl of that age. In contrast, there were also three single mothers there (or at least, their husbands were not with them) and all three of them had babies in strollers and were trying to calm them down by either singing or making faces at
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SOC210HW2 - Will Hare October 10, 2007 SOC-210-010...

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