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Will Hare November 22, 2007 SOC-210-010 Professor McLoughlin Do You Want Fries With That? For these observations, I once again returned to the proverbial feeding trough of America – a food court. Just like the last set of field observations, I went to Triangle Town Center in Raleigh, North Carolina and did my observations there. Instead of going in with no objective as I did last time, I sat down with a pen and paper and was specifically looking at the types of people that ate at each restaurant. The goal here was to determine which restaurants are more popular among which social classes, genders, and races. On Monday, November 20 around 7:30PM, I sat myself in an area of the food court where I could easily observe each restaurant, then began taking notes. McDonald’s was perhaps the most blatantly stratified restaurant in the food court. Before my observations, I went around and looked at the average prices for food at each restaurant, and McDonald’s was the cheapest no matter which way you slice it. The first and biggest group of people I saw eating at McDonald’s was African-American men, some of whom had families, others were single. I believe this is for two reasons. First, it is naturally the male’s role in the family to provide food, and this is usually taken to the point where the father actually provides the food by bringing it to the table. Second, African-Americans are typically much more low income than other families, so McDonald’s could have been all that they could afford at the time. Which brings me to another point – McDonald’s is a very unhealthy restaurant, as anyone who
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SOC210HW3 - Will Hare November 22, 2007 SOC-210-010...

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