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Snapple Brief - UGBA 106 Fall 2007 Professor Robinson GSI...

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UGBA 106, Fall 2007 Professor Robinson – GSI Sawhill 20 September 2007 As the new manager of Snapple, Mike Weinstein must decide how to combat Snapple’s declining image and sales to revitalize the brand. The key problem is that competition in the beverage industry is strong and Snapple has lost many of its loyal customers. Snapple should return to its original positioning as the “quirky, offbeat” drink for urban professionals and strengthen its product differentiation to make Snapple an essential part of consumers' lifestyles. Snapple’s brand image has become diluted and is associated with notions of “selling out.” It is becoming disconnected from customers, which is allowing its profitability and competitiveness to suffer. Snapple needs to return to its previous image that fostered growth. As a start to revitalizing the Snapple brand, the target market should be re-centered on young professionals because they have significant disposable income. Focusing on this segment will also capture college students aspiring to enter successful careers. Snapple should sell its product in bulk to office buildings where it will be provided by employers as fringe benefits or sold in vending machines accessible to a large number of young professionals. Because drinking Snapple is socially reinforced, placing it in office settings will increase consumption among peers in the professional world. To further appeal to young professionals, Snapple should market itself as the escape to
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Snapple Brief - UGBA 106 Fall 2007 Professor Robinson GSI...

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