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Enneagram Final Paper - Professor Phillips UGBA 170...

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Professor Phillips UGBA 170 – Business Ethics 26 February 2008 Enneatypes for Greater Insight on Self-Identification My critical personality is unobservable to any acquaintance I have, yet my close relations constantly confront me about it. My critical interior therefore may be well concealed to most people I know, nevertheless on closer inspection, I cannot help but be a critic to both myself and my surroundings. Some peculiarities of my character that exhibit this characteristic are that I am always politically correct in order not to offend anyone, I strive never to lose my temper but rather think rationally, and I ultimately despise doing a task incorrectly or failing to complete it. I ultimately am obsessively critical, and I inherently strive to be an ideal example of a good citizen. Primarily for these reasons, I would classify myself as an enneatype one as the Reformer. Self-realization is a central theme in my life. I strive to realize my principles and ambitions and to meet these expectations. Meeting my expectations does frequently seem unachievable, yet I nonetheless cannot help but be critical of all my subpar actions when I have a clear perception of what is right. I have criteria that I have to meet and when I find that I am performing under my own principles, I have to correct my action. For instance, when I find that I am acting on superficiality, my first response is to suppress it. I try to identify the cause of it and realize that there is more value to something than simply its aesthetic value. I act upon this realization to discover its holistic value. In my personal experiences, I also try to identify the purpose behind every institution or action in order to identify whether it is correct. In addition, I identify the righteous of my every thought. -1-
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In terms of academics, I am a perfectionist. Nothing short of the excellence is sufficient, and when I do not meet these expectations but still come close to them, it still irritates me. In terms of my professional life, I try to stay objective and analyze my performance accordingly. If I have completed a task insufficiently or failed to complete a task, I am typically the first to notice and admit to it. Keeping my integrity is important to me, and rather than pretend that my performance or product is adequate, I acknowledge its shortcomings and correct it. I can also identify with personality Type Four because I do feel vulnerable in times of stress. This is consistent with enneatype one. During stressful periods, I become completely irrational and self-absorbed with my troubles. I feel emotional, and that it is entirely up to me to attempt to salvage myself. I dwell on my negative thoughts for very long periods of time as well. Eventually what gets me through the vulnerable time is my own acknowledgement of what I
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Enneagram Final Paper - Professor Phillips UGBA 170...

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