Gregory the Great

Gregory the Great - Born around 540 to a wealthy noble...

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Born around 540 to a wealthy noble Roman family He was born during a time when Rome was facing a decline in population, wealth and influence Great great grandfather was Pope Felix III His father worked for the Roman church and his father’s three sisters were Nuns His mother is a saint 1 of only two popes to be given the title "The Great" 573 - became Prefect of Rome Shortly after, his father died and he gave up his Sicilian estates and founded 6 monasteries, his home was converted as well and dedicated to St. Andrew 578 – Pope Pelagius II ordained him as one on the 7 deacons of Rome and solicited his help in trying to heal the schism, which is a split of the Three Chapters in Northern Italy The Three Chapters was an attempt to reconcile the Christians of Syria and Egypt with Western Christendom after the failure of Henotikon The letter he wrote the schismatical bishops showed his skill but failed to produce any change 579 - He was made Apocrisiarius - representative of the Pope/ ambassador to the imperial court in Constantinople There was much controversy between Gregory and Eutychius (Patriarch of Constantinople) concerning the Resurrection. Eutychius said in a published treatise that the risen bodies of the elect would be “impalpable, more light than air”. Gregory objected the palpability of Christ’s risen body The dispute became prolonged and eventually the emperor intervened – the two met in front of a private audience to defend their views and Gregory was found to be right and ordered Eutychuis’s book to be burned. The struggle caused both sides to become ill; Gregory recovered,
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Gregory the Great - Born around 540 to a wealthy noble...

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