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UGBA 105 The Young Entrepreneurs At Haas (YEAH) shows an exemplary of the use of groups and incorporates learning about groups in the Life Skills (Organizational Behavior) segment. The utilization of groups is in both the way the information is taught and what is covered in the strategy their program plans in the Life Skills section. The sources of information for these findings originated from interviews with the students, the YEAH website, the YEAH student handbook, speaking with the director of YEAH, as well as speaking with peer leaders. In practice, the Yeah program uses groups to effectively facilitate learning and achieve the programs goals. The students of the YEAH program divide up into small task groups and encourages interactivity amongst the group members to complete the YEAH assignments and projects. The YEAH program uses the 4 Pillars of YEAH, which are very similar to the 5 Stage model. Students are encouraged to follow the 4 Pillars of YEAH in which the students form, storm, norm, and perform. The individuals involved are the students, peer leaders, and staff. As for the group structure, there are multiple small groups and in each group there are two peer leaders. All of these small groups and peer leaders ultimately answer to the YEAH director. Some of the observations we made in terms of student-to-student interactions were that students remain in the same groups throughout the program. They also are arranged into group circles for discussion and much come to an agreement as a group. If there are disagreements between students, they are talked out in a constructive manner. Additionally, they distribute their own work and give people tasks according to their
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YEAH_Groups_1paper - UGBA 105 The Young Entrepreneurs At...

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