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Answers to practice test 02 Problem 1 1750 N/m Problem 2 momentum tangent to orbit, magnitude increasing as it gets closer to Sun; force always points toward Sun, magnitude increasing as it gets closer to Sun Problem 3 <9.29e20, 2.48e21, 0> N Problem 4 a) <0.34, 0.22, 0> m/s b) Make sure you draw appropriate lengths as well as directions for the arrows.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 5 a) 2.3e-10 m b) 27.6 N/m Problem 6 a) ML(2 /T) P 2 b) ML(2 /T) P 2 P c) L[1-(2 /T) P 2 P (M/k B s B )] Problem 7 a) b) 2.94 N c) 102 N/m Problem 8 a) vector toward center b) 1.6 N Problem 9 See example on page 133 in your text book mg F F B T...
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