Chapter 10 Lecture outline

Chapter 10 Lecture outline - Chapter Ten NUTRITION AND...

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Chapter Ten: NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Benefits of Exercise Physical Activity vs. Fitness Physical Fitness: state of being created by the interaction between nutrition physical activity Physical fitness includes: Cardio respiratory fitness Musculoskeletal fitness Flexibility Body composition Benefits of Fitness Physical Activity vs. Fitness Body Response to Exercise Hypertrophy- with exercise Muscle cells and tissue increase size Response to muscle overload-strength Atrophy-without exercise Muscle cell and tissue decrease size Health Benefits from WEIGHT TRAINING Builds lean body mass Muscle strength: high resistance, less repetitions Muscle Endurance: less resistance, more repetitions Reduce risk of back injury Improve posture Maintain bone mass Enhance performance Health Benefits from Cardio respiratory Training Cardio respiratory endurance: Increased cardiac output and oxygen delivery
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Increased heart strength Slowed resting pulse Increased breathing efficiency Improved circulation VO 2 max Measure of cardiovascular fitness The more fit a muscle is, the more oxygen it draws from the blood A person with more fit muscles extracts oxygen from air more efficiently. Cardiovascular fitness measured by oxygen consumed/minute in work out. Components of Fitness Types of Physical Activity Aerobic activity Sustained moderate activity Increased blood volume and number of red blood cells Needs 02 Anaerobic activity Intense activity Builds lean tissue and improves body composition Breakdown of glucose to lactic acid Exercise Intensity High intensity Proportionately burn’s mostly glucose, some amino acids and fatty acids
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Chapter 10 Lecture outline - Chapter Ten NUTRITION AND...

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